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Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:30 pm

While away on a vipassana retreat, this shiny new website was hacked.

Over 200,000 (yes two hundred thousand) advertisements, pornography links, offers to download illegal movies and more.

Our only remedy was to delete all the posts and registrations for the entire board. (Including our posts!)

If you have registered and are a real person interested in solidifying your meditation practice, we apologize. You will need to register again.

We have also added a new (and hopefully better) anti-spam level to registration. And we have added a lengthy list of trashmail provider domains to our blocked email list. (We hope that doesn't create problems for legit users).

It has certainly tested our equanimity and it took us 5 hours to recover the board.
"Yatha Bhuta: As it is. Not as you would like it to be"
-- S. N. Goenka

(The Buddha talked about this concept -- but Geonka says the phrase above many times during the 10-day course).
With metta (especially to those who hacked us),

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